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The Introduction to 'The Knowledge' offers guidance on how you can develop yourself as an effective learner and provides tips on how to get the most from your use of the full suite of resources.

'Zen and the Art of Cathedral Building' is the story of the building of the Sagrada Familia, or Gaudi Cathedral, in Barcelona. This story, which is part truth, part fiction, offers you a chance to think about management and leadership from a range of different perspectives. You can zoom in on the operational details or take the long view of the strategic content depending on your interests or current needs. You can then explore your own management and leadership challenges through the A to Z sections of the App, which link explicitly with the opening story.

'An A to Z of Management and Leadership' contains a range of models which I have selected for their value in meeting the challenges of modern management and leadership. These models are:

  • Described in brief to promote uncluttered learning
  • Related to the opening story to promote deeper understanding
  • The foundation for 26 exercises to promote individual, team and organization development.

The 'Questionnaires' provide the opportunity for you to reflect in detail on your preferred learning style, leadership style and emotional intelligence.

The Knowledge Biz facebook page provides an opportunity for you to further explore the material contained in this resource with fellow travellers. Through the facebook page, I also signpost the way to additional learning and support material.

Much additional material is also available from The Knowledge Biz's blog.

In summary, The Knowledge resources will:

  • Make a range of management, leadership and organization development models accessible and memorable
  • Help you explore your attitudes and behaviours at work from a range of different perspectives
  • Illustrate that many of the problems within your organizational life are neither new nor unique
  • Enhance the creativity you are all able to apply to your management and leadership role.

Finally, the following schematic may help you navigate The Knowledge in accordance with interests you may have in any of the four themes covered comprehensively by the resource.

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