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In addition to using The Knowledge as a self-contained personal and team development resource, there are two other options:

  • To take part in a series of workshops facilitated by Carl, typically between eight and ten meetings themed around a selection of the A to Z sections. These could take place in a workplace meeting room or in a meeting venue nearby.
  • To participate in a residential programme based at Leeds Castle in Kent, or a venue closer to your home base. Residential Programmes range from two to five days and, as with Option 2, are themed around a selection of The Knowledge's A to Z sections - depending on current business or organizational needs.

By way of an example of how these options might play out, a group of managers undergoing significant change and transition may opt to cover the following eight sections of The Knowledge:

  • Case Study: an opening session that considers in detail some of the common issues faced by managers and leaders in the 21st Century, a time when flexibility has become the by-word for effective management and leadership.
  • Aspiration: setting the full picture of where the team is heading ... and why.
  • Transition: working effectively with people as they pass through the change and transition cycle.
  • Relationship: managing the dynamics of relationships - which can be particularly complex during times of significant change and transition.
  • Lead: reviewing the different styles of leadership we have available to us - and ensuring we use the right style at the right time!
  • Coach: enhancing this important component of management style.
  • Jam: moving things forward (not becoming 'jammed'!).
  • Kaizen: bringing about continuous improvement in the way things are done.

All programmes allow time for reflection, application, review and evaluation. To explore these options, or others you have in mind, please contact Carl directly:

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